Thursday, April 15, 2010


This dog lives at the dry cleaners next to the yoga studio I go to. I want it. It also has a shiba inu friend (not shown). I want that one too. Hiiiiiii!

Some iPhone Polaroids

This is What My Sunday Looked Like

Ran a half marathon and avoided the rain Was presented with Roland's bread

Dined at Eiji --- oh so good!

Monk liver and miso soup

Oboro tofu, homemade

Miso-sake broiled black cod
Homemade strawberry mochi - my god!

Narrowly avoided the rain a second time

My Birthday (Brunch)

Alex cuts melon, prepares frittata and salad

Amazing lemon marzapan cake, by A. Hammond

Amazing cinnamon rolls by me and bacon of course!